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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help non-profit charities raise funds and awareness to help those in need. R.W.A.C. organizes and promotes musical events and fund raisers. Many of the artists donate their time knowing that helping others in need is the greatest compensation one could hope for.

About Us

RWAC was formed in 2009 by Edward Fernald. The initial idea came from celebrating his band's (Locomotive/Jesus Chrysler) 20-year reunion. Edward decided to pull together other bands from the local music scene to help celebrate his band's milestone. As the reunion was all about getting old freinds together and sharing memories of "the good 'ole days", it was decided that the proceeds of the show would be donated to a worthy charity and RWAC was born.Since 2009, RWAC has produced at least one show a year, donating ALL proceeds to worthy local charties. To date, $7000 has been raised. RWAC hopes to continue to grow and raise awareness for worthy causes and charities.



Chief Michael Maloney Memorial Fund benefit for the twenty-six year law enforcement veteran who died in the line of duty on April 12, 2012